Modern Robin


If I could stop time
I would rip that
Louis Vuitton clutch
from your once vicious claws
and twirl your Gucci sunglasses
relentlessly through mine.
Maybe I would stop to inspect
the stitching, my fingers twitching
with nervous jumps of thrill.

Then, out of my own handmade
hand-crafted, un-branded bag,
A seam-ripper plucks
rips, tears, and sucks,
every last dollar it’s worth
and they fall like leaves
returning to the earth
in stacks, as I pack
them into my bag, with joy.

I’d walk a block,
give myself some space from
me to you, and start the clock.
Even though theres distance
between us, the scream I hear
is careening the corners and
piercing folks ear-drums.
But no one honestly cares,
or stares, because we know
the type that needs to loose
overproduced truths,
and overdrawn glares.

My bag will empty for people in need,
Beat out and living in tents on the streets.
trying to change ways for better,
only to make the wrong ends meet.
They don’t have what you have,
but they have dreams and eyes
to see you people
we despise.


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