Personal Essays

Personal essays completed in English 225 Junior year, 1st semester:

Bizarre Behaviors of the Female Gender
Females are strange, majestic creatures that behave in unfathomable ways that I do not understand, myself included. We buy pounds of new beauty products, while barely-used ones live lonely lives on our counter tops. Purses and shoes are worn once before they are outmoded and thrown away. We speak in ambiguous code. We judge other females we don’t know. We act indecisively. We say that “nothing is wrong” when we really mean everything is wrong. This essay explores the behaviors I’ve noticed in the females around me, asking questions and trying to make sense of the female gender.

Sweet Like Cinnamon
A personal essay written about an ex-boyfriend, and the effect he had on my life.
“If it were possible for your future self to come back in time and tell you that this stranger from the cafe would cause you the most grief that you have ever experienced in your life, would you still find yourself infatuated? If you were told of how many nights would be spent in tears, licking the salt from the corners of your mouth as you grip and tear at the bed sheets. Screaming at the top of your lungs; hopeless, helpless, and emotionally distraught. Would you still want to pursue this person?”


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