1. Repurposed Final Draft

2. Repurposed Draft Two

3. Repurposed Draft One

The original prompt for this assignment asked the student to write a personal eight to ten page essay revolving around the idea of “desire”. The purpose of the essay was to be as honest and blunt as possible, while talking about a desire or need that we might have for something in our lives. My original paper for this assignment was practically nothing. Our professor gave us the option to opt out of that particular prompt and choose another one, which I ended up doing after struggling to write my Desire essay for several days.

For the Repurposed assignment given to us in the Gateway course, I decided to try writing about my Desire topic once more, since it never developed on the first try. I wrote about a struggle I faced in an earlier part of my life: the desire for a beautiful appearance, and as a result, acceptance from my peers in High School. Being from a lower income family, it was hard for me to keep up with trends. It was hard to look good and fit in with everyone. How could I do it?

I began shoplifting heavily when I was in my early years of High School – there were occasions of it when I was a child, but never as severe. In my essay I discuss the mental contemplations and reasonings behind why I began stealing. I share vivid experiences and how I felt at the time. My thoughts about my desire, and how it led to me being arrested several times – how it led to addiction.

Between the three of my drafts, there are small changes. Mostly just adding more story, and fixing spelling and grammatical issues. I found the more I worked away at it, the more I was able to reflect on and return to this moment in my life. I added more at the end to the final draft, talking about how the desire/addiction has changed over time, and how it affects me currently. Overall, I’m happy with how the essay came out. It’s a window into a short period of my life, and I think it captures it well.


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