Why I Write Draft One

Why I Write Draft One

I consider myself to be a visual artist. It’s how I express myself and contort imaginary ideas into something visible, touchable, and relatable. I started drawing at a young age, guided by my parents, who are both artists in respective ways. As a child, art was a way for me to stand out, a way for me to feel confident and proud.

In high school I spent my lunch periods in the art room, avoiding the kids that tended to point fingers my way. I painted obscure things, like faces melting into birds flying over waffles and clock towers. It didn’t make sense to me, but it was better than spending my time getting picked on and pushed around. Around this time I began to write in a journal. It started as ideas for art pieces, but quickly turned into a place for me to write my thoughts. It became a necessity; percolating thoughts inside my mind needed to come out and be written down. By no means was I a fantastic writer, in fact, I’m sure I was horrible. None the less, writing became another means for me to express myself alongside my artwork.

My sophomore year in college, I took a Poetry & Playwriting class with professor Nicholas Harp. He took interest in my poetry, and encouraged me to enter pieces in the Hopwood awards. After this class I took two more with him: Argumentation, and Creative Writing. These classes had high expectation, and I was eager to push myself to create something worth reading.

By taking these classes, I’ve become a more articulate speaker. I’m no longer afraid to lead discussions and talk openly in a classroom as I once was. When discussing my art pieces in class critiques I find myself more confident and comprehensible. While writing artist statements, I can create a clear, representation of what I am conveying in the piece. When writing my blog, writing emails, sending messages, talking to people: overall I feel more confident in myself and my language, wether spoken or written.
So as for why I write, or why I continue to write: I do so not only as a method of creative expression, but to build confidence in my speech and self conveyance, and as a tool for developing my future career.


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