Writing Minor Pieces

This is a selection of my work from the Writing 220 Gateway course. In this course I focused on polishing my writing skills, practicing personal writing, and incorporating my artistic knowledge to create a piece of writing in an alternative medium.

1. Final Project
For the final assignment, I’ve created wearable art pieces fused with technology like LED lights and phosphorescent wire. The writing portion consists of short poems and narratives that tie the projects in with a specific scene and world, developing a character that wears the garments.

2. Developmental Essay
For this assignment, we were asked to write about how our writing has changed, grown, and developed during college and during the writing minor courses. I chose to specifically write about a theme I’ve noticed coming up frequently in my writing, which is the body and body appearance. I tie this along with my wearable art pieces in the art school and how they’ve developed alongside one another.

3. Remediated
The last assignment was the Remediation Project, where we had to take the ideas from our Repurposed essay and transform it into a new media. I chose to create an Audio piece using recording technology, and Hindenburg sound editing software.

4. Repurposed
The next project we worked on throughout the majority of the course was the Remediation project. With this assignment, we were to take an essay prompt that was previously given to us in another class, re-write the prompt, and transform the essay into a piece of writing that achieves more than the original.

5. Why I Write
The first piece I completed in this course was a creative and reflective piece on Why I Write. I included 2 versions of this piece, my original draft and final draft.


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